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| One . with . the . W a v e s |

~ I only wish to become something beautiful

「龍咲 海」 Ryuuzaki Umi
3 March
 should I dress in white and search the Sea?
 As I always W I S H E D to be
one With the Waves
・・・ o c e a n   s o u l

★  U M I   R Y U U Z A K I  ;

Umi is introduced to the series as the only child of a very wealthy couple. She attends a private school meant for daughters of politicians and businessmen. During the visit to Tokyo Tower that signals the beginning of the series she stands out before Hikaru's schoolmates because of her looks and overall snobby appearance. However, with time, this turns out to be just a front to hide a truly caring nature.

Even before her time in Cephiro Umi was extremely skilled in fencing. She's an expert sword fighter and counts on great speed and a deep sense of competition and assertiveness that drives her to improve constantly. As a Magic Knight Umi's powers are water-based. [more]

★  A B O U T  ;

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★  R E L E V A N T  ;

Magic Knight Rayearth → manga version → post series
14 15 16 years old
Birthday is March 3rd
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