[・・・] guilt → no wish redeems this

- 132nd tide | | shiver -

[Accidental Video]

---o, Edel. NOT for you... [There's the blur of a paw, then the image is obscured by a hand grabbing the device and setting it aside. This new angle shows us Umi cooking something on a stove. She seems pale, sweaty and quite tired for someone so focused on the task at hand. Frowning, she stirs the contents of her pan with a pair of chopsticks.

...Then sneezes loudly and sniffs, rubbing her nose and breathing heavily.]
What in the-? I NEVER-- ...sheesh!

[Her hand hesitates when reaching for something off-camera, and she has to use it to steady herself instead. She blinks rapidly and wipes her brow as she shivers.] ...What lack of sleep will get you...

[Resuming the cooking is interrupted by another sneeze. Her breath is growing more labored. There's worried mewing in the background. Finally Umi shuts down the fire and tries to recover from the obvious dizziness.]

...Think I need to sit down...

[She takes three unsteady steps away from the device's view. Then a loud thud can be heard. The device is knocked to the floor by a slender shadow leaping down the kitchen counter with an alarmed meow.]

[End Video]

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[battle] despair → we promised to fight!

- 131st tide | | lies -


---ear it was just a NORMAL MORNING. This place-- ...look, no clue what stunt it pulled this time. But this?? [The camera pans across a snowy street illuminated with Christmas lights and fretted with decorations. People walk by in winter clothes. It soon refocuses on Umi's annoyed face.] This sure as hell isn't the City! There are American flags around! And cars!

What curse is on today? Some WEIRDO version of that dream thing? Because I've a flower shop to--! ...Wait. There's... blood...? On the street... That's-- [Umi's voice dies as her footsteps come to an abrupt stop. Then the image becomes a blur when the device is dropped with a loud clatter and kicked into a spin as she breaks into a run.]


[As the camera stops spinning it finally focuses on a red-haired man leaning against a mailbox. Umi's kneeling beside him, her back to the camera, her hands on his shoulders.] ...Aya! AYA!! ...Please, don't...! Hang on, I'm getting you to a hospital! You hear me?? You're going to be okay!

ANYBODY, help!! [Umi turns to face the camera, blood on her clothes, tears streaking down her cheeks, as she calls to the passersby who completely ignore her.] ...Goddammit...! WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE?? Somebody call an ambulance!!

[Someone rushes past. The device is kicked into a new angle, catching sight of a group of policemen who all but draw their weapons in Umi's and Aya's direction.] What the--? AYA?! What are you doing?? DON'T MOVE, you're hurt!! [The redhead is now standing in front of Umi, shielding her from the police and prodding her to run. But it's a vague gesture, almost as if he weren't talking to her. She's having none of that. She goes stand between him and the officers and glares at them furiously.] What kind of cops are you?? STAY AWAY!! Leave him alone...!

[When they seem ready to open fire Umi's icy aura blazes awake.] I SAID STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!

[A huge blast of water seemingly born out of Umi's rage devours the policemen. The feed is cut off as the device is literally crushed by a tidal wave.]

[End Video]

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[talk] full → a heart strong enough

- 130th tide | | a kiss -

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[Accidental Video || Open action]

[There's a click that should have meant the device was turned off, but Umi's mind is too preoccupied with other matters to get it right. The video feature kicks in to a blur of motion. There's a glimpse of her face, along with a patch of sky and a snowy street.

She sighs deeply, placing the device down somewhere horizontal. From this new vantage point we can see Umi waiting by a coffee stand without minding the cold. One of her arms is bandaged and she seems quite weary. Shaking her head, she mumbles under her breath.]

...And it's his birthday tomorrow. How can it--?? It's not fair, dammit.

[Apparently Umi's been waiting for her order; the barista startles her when he calls for her attention to hand her two big coffees. He's kind enough to ask if something's wrong. Umi just smiles sadly.] Only EVERYTHING. But nevermind that. Thanks. So how much do I--?

[She stops as something above her head catches her attention. Frowning, we can see her put the coffees down on the same flat surface from which the device records on.]

Huh. They decorated? ...Could've sworn that wasn't there a blink ago...

[End Video]

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[fret] skydive → brb certainty of death

- 129th tide | | molesters -

[Accidental Video]

---ll do nicely! Thank you~. [The device clicks on as it's grabbed. Half-blocked by Umi's fingers the camera catches sight of her smiling face as she leaves a store, heavy bundles in her arms as she fidgets with her handbag.] Merry Christmas!

[The female clerk greets her back, adding something along the lines of "It can't go wrong. That fragrance is very sexy."

...There's a pause, followed by a nondescript POOF! and a gasp. The racket of packages falling on the snowy floor almost muffles Umi's horrified shriek.]
WHAT IN THE WHOLE DAMN W---?! Gah! ...you got to be kidding me...!!

[A blur of movement and the device is picked up, panning over a view of Umi who's suddenly panicky and... quite naked, save for these little clouds so strategically poised that still don't conceal a lot.] Fuu!! Hikaru! ANYBODY! I don't get what's going on, but-!! Help me out here... I NEED SOME STUPID CLOTHES!

---ey gorgeous, ain't it too cold to be looking for that kinda fun?

[That voice? It belongs to a random male pig passerby bold enough to put a hand on Umi's bare shoulder as he hits on her. The Water Knight's face freezes. BIG MISTAKE.]


[The camera's angle can't record the events but the typical sound of a very strong slap comes through clearly. Unfortunately for our perv it comes with a side effect. The air cracks and hisses. Frost appears on the lens. The same male voice howls "MY FAAACE!!" in the background. Umi just sounds pissed.] Wh-? ...NICE. Frostbite's the least of your probl---!!

[End Video]

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[ ? ] curious → looking up

- 128th tide | | chilled -

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[Accidental Video]

[A bright smudge of white touches the device's camera, blurring the scenery of a random street lined by trees. To a side there's an awkward-angled view of Umi, clad in winter clothes, seemingly doing little other than standing beside one of the trees. Her eyes are closed, face up to the sky.

Snow is falling down, landing on her, but she hardly seems to notice. Those still watching may perceive, come this point, a light blue aura surrounding her. She takes a deep breath which forms a haze around her mouth -- but is it because of the cold of the day or something else altogether?]

...Fine, then. [Umi's eyes open and her hands touch the green leaves of the tree.] Let's check this.

[There's a fizzle and a crack of air. Then the leaves turn mysteriously white starting from the point where Umi's fingers touch them. After them, the rest of the large branch. She smiles.] I knew it.

[An instant later the branch is shattered into tiny crystalline bits, collapsing under the intensity of the cold. Umi closes her eyes and breathes deeply, the haze coming again. The smile is gone and she's wearing a rather annoyed expression.]

Well, damn EVERYTHING.

[End Video]

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[together] promise → windsong on the sea

- 127th tide | | fifteen -

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[Filtered AWAY from Fuu || Viewable to everyone else]

Your attention, please! This is extremely important business that we're dealing with, here.

This next December the 12th happens to be her birthday. She's getting fifteen, which everyone knows is a VERY MEANINGFUL age for a girl. So, that calls for making it one to remember. What I'm getting at is that I'm throwing her the biggest, most GORGEOUS party this place's seen so far. And yeah: I DO mean that.

I'm planning to rent a ball room and all. Uhh. Any of those available? Clef, can we do this at the Victrola if not? I could use a couple of recommendations on catering and live music, here! I know I'm taking care of the cake myself.

It's going to be a formal event, night dresses for the ladies and suits for the guys. Everyone who knows Fuu? Consider yourselves officially invited, even if I DO plan to send out pretty invitations sometime this week.

Aw and, the best part? It's going to be a surprise party! So I trust you all to keep the secret, okay? OR ELSE. Thanks for your attention!

[End Filter]

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[ ? ] ;;; → wtf was that just now...

- 126th tide | | unexpected -

Hey, it's sure crowded over here this morning. Maybe it means it'll be a good business d--! ...NO WAY. I can't believe this. Tell me this isn't--!

...It IS. How come these days always catch me off guard?!

Uhh. WHATEVER. It's going to be okay. Everyone I know...! Hikaru?? Mamoru? Aya, all of you? Uhhh... Ascot? Boy, it'll be great to see you if you're around. I'm over here at the Koneko. Just drop by! Er. Tell you what: we can see if we can get a dinner party going at the house like we always do for these visits!

Aw, but... JUST A WARNING: I don't want to see a single creepy lurker around this flower shop! You hear that?? I'm serious! I got a hose in my hand and I know how to use it!

[ OOC : ANYTHING GOES. ANYTHING EVER. MKR characters and former City acquaintances are especially loved! ♥ Troll away, my darlings, troll awayyyyy. ]
[;;;] cheek → woes and worries

- 125th tide | | cleanse -

So. How many of you out there spent their Wednesday cleaning their kitchen? Uh. Or does asking that touch a nerve? I know that's what I did! Seriously, just when we thought this place couldn't top its weirdest stunt...

But there's something to keep in mind right there, huh? These freaky things can hit us anywhere. Getting jumped in the shower SURE isn't my idea of a safe homelike morning. I'm not saying we should get all paranoid about it now, mind. Just-- maybe watch out for each other a little more.

I hope everyone's alright.

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WHATEVER. That was that. Right now I need to be close to not-gooey, not-slimey, CLEAN things that won't try to eat me. Or make blades freaking useless. Anyone who needs me? Think I'll be here at the flower shop all day.

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[ ? ] point → I was acting what?

- 124th tide | | chores -

[Accidental Video]

[There's a clatter and the video starts with an odd vantage point of hands cooking something in a wok. It's rather obvious that their owner isn't used to the task. A soft voice hums absently in the background, then stops with pleased surprise.] ...Hey! Great, you're early! Welcome home.

[Aya walks into the kitchen and stares at the situation. Someone is obviously not so sure about this.]

Huh. What? [A couple of droplets sprinkle onto the camera as the device is moved to a side. Anyone who didn't recognize Umi's voice before can clearly see it's her now: she's washing her hands and turning to greet Aya.] Feeling hungry? I'm giving cooking a try! Easy dish, promise.

You're... cooking? [He moves forward a little to look into the wok. Like maybe he's seeing if it's edible. That's the biggest concern currently.]

Psh, try not to look so worried. I can handle this! It's the least I can do after you've been doing most of the housework. [She chuckles sheepishly as she tries to get Aya to stop supervising.]

I always do most of the housework.

That doesn't stop me from wanting to help! How about tea while I'm done here?

[He sighs and finally looks away from the food.] Alright. Thank you.

[She lays a tray on the kitchen table, pouring tea for Aya afterward.] I think it's a good time for Earl Grey. Pretty British, huh? So you don't get homesick or whatever.

I can promise I'm not homesick for most British food and drink. [He waits for his cup and then bows his head and takes a sip.]

So it's as bad as they say? [Umi brushes a strand of her hair behind her ear, seemingly too distracted to notice the sounds of cracking fire getting louder in the background. The image grows blurry, as if seen through smoke.] Actually, there was something I wanted to tell you...

[Aya lifts his head and is moving to the kitchen quickly.] Umi. Fire.

Ehh? [There's a confused silence, then it hits her.] WHAT THE--!? ...Damn everything! I swear I-!!

[Umi gets up and runs to the stove too. She makes a hand gesture seemingly out of pure instinct -- nothing happens. Ever the one to have a cool head, Aya grabs a glass of water and pours the water into the wok to put out the fire. Then he quickly moves to start moving the contents around to see if it can be salvaged.] It's alright, Umi. It looks like it will be alright.

...Jeez, this here's ten sorts of IRONIC and wrong. [A vexed, embarrassed sigh.] GOSH, Aya. I'm so sorry... I'm going to clean this up, I promise.

[He looks over and gives her a soft smile.] You don't have to apologize. It could have happened to anyone. I'll get this fixed up while you set the table, alright?

[Umi's matching smile is weaker but grateful.] ...Okay. I think I can at least get THAT right.

[End Video]

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[sad] battle → no more sacrifices

- 123rd tide | | survivors -

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Let me add another yay about October being through to the choir, can I? You know what they say happens after you hit rock bottom? Not sure if it works in this place, but BOY I hope it does.

For everyone who knew her... Hikaru's gone. I just checked the Hall. Better get the hard part done in one go, right? All I can say is I'm glad. That last month makes it easier, thinking she's out of here, back to her brothers, back HOME. The one thing I'm grateful for is that it wasn't so hard on her, this once.


When do the good things start happening, huh?

[Accidental Video]

[There's a blurry glimpse of Umi's tired expression as the camera sinks into a dark space -- she's distracted enough to not notice she activated the video feature when she intended to turn the device off before returning it to her bag.

The Water Knight breathes a heavy sigh as if letting go, burying her face in her hands and lingering in that position for a while. Then, combing back her fringe, she leans back on the park bench where she's sitting. She closes her eyes and simply stays there, weirdly peaceful face looking up to the sky.]

[End Video]

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