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Fuu Hououji : Fuu's arrival in The City has reassured Umi beyond words. She feels confident and supported by her best friend's presence and is grateful to see she hasn't changed her quirky ways. Deep inside Umi blames herself for not being there to help Fuu adapt when she arrived, but takes heart in knowing Fuu could spend time with Hikaru before their friend returned home herself. Fuu's calm and reasonable demeanor comforts her, even if sometimes it also makes her lose her patience. Fuu's become Umi's constant companion and confident since arrival.

Hikaru Shidou : Learning Hikaru comes from an alternate dimension didn't matter to Umi aside from a passing surprise. She's grateful beyond words that her best friend's finally free of the terrible burden her previous long stay in The City put on her shoulders. Umi has made a promise to herself not to let the dangers of The City ever get to Hikaru that much. Happy as she is, Umi still worries about her closeness to Eagle and how Hikaru's tendency to keep matters to herself and push herself too may end up hurting the redhead in the end. Umi still overprotects her quite badly.

Madoushi Clef : Even if the master mage of Cephiro arrived in The City from far before hers and Hikaru's time, Umi still feels terribly encouraged to have him around now. Not that she'll admit much of it Umi's feelings of gratefulness for Clef haven't changed. She's just worried about the need to hide Cephiro's future, Mokona's true nature and how much her feelings of friendship for him have matured since they met. But she understands this is necessary to spare the temperamental magician a breakdown.

Presea : Presea has always and by far been one of Umi's favorite friends in Cephiro. Even if they met not without a heated round of yelling at each other, Umi's always looked up to the mistress artisan and admired both her determination and strong temper. Presea's presence in The City is invaluable for Umi's morale. She trusts the Pharle and feels reassured, knowing Hikaru, Fuu and herself will have a strong supporting figure to turn to whenever The City pulls a nasty move on any of them. She's also determined not to let Presea boil anyone.

Lantis : Even in her time Umi never truly got completely over the awkwardness that interacting with Lantis entailed. He'll always remind her of the fact she and her companions had to kill his brother Zagato, no matter how much she's already dealt with that guilt. After finding out Lantis comes from a time before they became friendlier, her difficulties to talk to him have only increased. However, Umi is self-assured enough to chat with the Cail and make him see what's best for him in The City. When Lantis was too stubborn to live with them, Umi was the first to try to talk him into staying together. She doesn't quite consider him a friend yet, but he's someone important to Hikaru and she feels somewhat responsible for him.

Princess Tatra : Class A weirdo. The Princess freaks the heck out of Umi sometimes, with her smiley antics and seeming inability to be concerned about anything, even The City's most convoluted curses. Umi's come to see her as a friendly presence, but still tries to steer clear of the woman and her weirdness as politely as possible. This is in great part due to how it's impossible to discern what's going on in Tatra's mind all the time.

Sang Yung : Cute little roommate who stirs Umi's big sister streak like no tomorrow. She considers him a friend, as Sang Yung is one of the few non-Cephirian members of the household who fare from Umi's same time. She admires his devotion to Aska but wishes he was a bit less shy and fretful. Nevermind that a place like The City isn't cut for sensitive types like this kid: she's sworn to do her best to make his stay as bearable as possible. Umi supports Sang Yung's apparent crush on Lady Aska and considers him bookwormish like the best.

Eagle Vision : OKAY. Complex one, over here. Umi has difficulties considering this Eagle from the time of Autozam's invasion of Cephiro an enemy, as the Water Knight's memories stay with the Eagle she befriended in her time. After Eagle attacked Clef to steal his magic ring, all bets were off: while Umi still cares about him subtly, she tells herself it's mostly because she realizes that Hikaru would suffer greatly if anything were to happen to him. Umi knows he's dying, unlike the other Knight. She's tried her best to make him understand it's futile to carry on with aggression in The City and feels frustrated beyond words by how he refuses to see this. Unlike the rest of the household, Umi doesn't hesitate yelling at the Commander if she has to, though her temper sometimes gets the better of her when it comes to him.

Geo Metro : He's nice! And Umi remembers she used to like him back in her own time. But this Geo pertains to Eagle's own timeline, thence it's necessary to be wary of his actions. She was all too peeved when he ended up stuck with them after Eagle abandoned him in hers and Hikaru's hands, but despite herself Umi can't help but like Geo due to the memories from her own time. She's vowed to keep an eye on him regardless, and hopes he'll be the means of talking Eagle into calling a permanent truce while they remain stuck together.

f a m i l y

Aya Fujimiya : Arriving in The City was traumatic for Umi. Aya was the first person in that situation that she met and helped, so she befriended him easily despite his reserved personality. He gradually became an older brother to her, one of her dearest persons in The City and very much like family. Umi knows she reminds Aya of his sister a lot and, aware of the history involving her, always does her best to stand by him despite his concern she may get hurt. When he departed from The City Aya left his sword in Umi's keeping. Now he's back, coming from a long time later, Umi feels nothing's changed between them, even if Aya's memories are slowly returning.

Ken Hidaka : Ken started on Umi's wrong side by bullying Aya during a pesky Truth curse, during which Umi suggested Aya embarrassed Ken right back in retaliation. They've gone a long way together since those days, full of ups and downs, and against every time Ken has left and lost his previous memories of the place. She loves him as a brother as much as she does Aya, but has had awful arguments with him that haven't ended up quite well. Their tempers are strong enough to explode together. She'll still do her best to stand by him and help him no matter what.

Syaoran : He's like a little brother figure to Umi with a dash of older too. Not only are they coworkers again, now that Syaoran returned, but at both their full and part time jobs at that. Umi has discovered they share a desire to do something for their friends as well as an unyielding determination. She'll crush whatever threatens Syaoran without a second's doubt, even the pesky fangirls who keep oogling him at the Koneko.

n e i g h b o r s

Sasuke Uchiha : When Umi lost her sight due to a trade to retrieve Aya's life, Sasuke agreed to train her so she could fight without the need of vision. Ever since that huge favor Umi has considered Sasuke a friend and training partner of sorts. Sasuke seems a bit sterner than she'd like, but she's fond of him regardless, even if his stoic ways make them quite opposite to each other. Umi knows about the blood feud between Sasuke and his brother and hopes her friend is able to obtain the answers he seeks.

Kazuo Kiriyama : Umi has learned Kazuo comes from a ruthless world in which he died being part of a horrid game that involved forcing people to kill each other. His ice-cold eyes and detached ways weird her our beyond words, but also tickle her stubbornest side: she wants to befriend this guys, if only to help him be finally free of the nasty influence of his world and lead a bit of a normal 'afterlife' now that The City has granted him a second chance. She considers herself his polar opposite and is probably right about it.

c i t i z e n s

Yuuko Ichihara : Ever since Yuuko arrived in The City and Umi found out she is related to Clow, she has looked up to the former Dimensional Witch with respect and admiration. Umi trusts Yuuko's power and judgment, and always resorts to her when she needs advise about difficult matters, both involving The City and of a more personal kind. Yuuko's playful streak throws her off, just like Clow's, from time to time, but never as much. She considers the sorceress both a good friend and a caring mother figure.

Clow Reed : Clow's not only Umi's boss, someone she admires even if she can't quite get most of the time, but also a mentor of sorts along with Yuuko, Clef and Mokona. Umi is only now beginning to get acquainted with his playful streak, considers him quirky as heck and eccentric in more than one way. But she still trusts his judgment unconditionally and feels grateful for all the help and advise he's given her.

Amu Hinamori : One that Umi considered among her more "normal" friends until she learned about Amu's charas. Umi considers the little guys cute beyond belief and doesn't make much of the fact Amu has three separate sets of skills and personalities in separate little persons other than herself. Umi enjoys chatting with Amu and has become acquainted with two of her charas so far: Suu and Miki. Suu even helped her bake lemon cakes during the hair monster incident.

Huey Freeman : Huey and Umi share an assertive streak and a general frustration about people considering them too young to have a worthy opinion. During the Highschool Curse shit came down between the two and they found themselves in a sort of awkward situation read, about to make out when 17!yearold!Huey de-aged to his actual ten. Only slightly scarred by the experience, Umi's gotten over it and considers the boy one of his closest friends and also a kind of confident. They've been involved in more than one awkward situation together ever since. She's a bit suspicious he may actually like her, but never gives the matter too much thought.

Euphemia li Britannia : Such a sweet girl, Umi regrets she finds herself stuck in a ruthless place like The City. Euphie is close to Syaoran, and used to date Ken for a while, which is what in the end made Umi befriend her. Now she wishes she could be there for her when her time in The City gets rough. Even if Ken never truly took back his relationship with her, Umi still considers Euphie a sister in law of sorts. She is sometimes reminded of Hikaru when she talks to her and wishes to keep on befriending her.

Eriol Hiragizawa : A pint-sized British gentleman. He reminds Umi of someone she can't quite place. They met in the most embarrassing fashion, but Umi's felt fond of the English boy from the start, mostly due to that odd familiarity she can't put a finger on. She considers him a bit of child prodigy and almost par with Huey when it comes to maturity. So much, he almost strike her as a source of advise.

Katara : Fellow watergirl and waterbender extraordinaire. Umi and Katara have started training together ever since Iroh suggested they shared their water-based abilities and techniques. Thanks to her, Umi has started to unleash a new potential of her water magic. Aside from that, she admires the other girl's valor and no-nonsense attitude, and feels like Katara could use someone of her temple to stand by her during her time stuck in The City. Umi only looks forward to getting to know her better.

Iroh : One of nicest guys Umi's ever met and someone who definitely smacks as a father figure to her. He's so nice and warm and formal, even his weird obsession with tea (only comparable to Tatra's) is understandable and seen as a cute quirk. Umi wonders how can such a kind man as Iroh fare from a ruthless country such as the Fire Nation, from what she's learned about it from Katara. She wishes to do her best to help Mister Iroh whenever he needs a hand in The City and looks forward to spending more time with him.

Mokona Modoki : Mokona's impish little cousin! Or is it sister? Daughter? ...Whatever. Umi sees Mokona as how the Mokona she knew in Cephiro before the divine creampuff revealed himself as The Creator used to be. Only perhaps even cuter. She is mischievous but so far rather adorable and knows how to be there for her friends. Thus, Umi likes this new Mokona quite a lot, even if she holds the same impression as her own Mokona used to give her: the fluffball can be obnoxious too. No, really.

Riley Freeman : DEAR GOD. How on earth do you like a person, feel a biiiiit fond of him because d'uh, you like their brother, but at the same time can't stand them?? Answer that one for Umi and you'll get cake have what her relationship with Riley is like down pat. She's so thrown off by his language but is determined to get him over those nasty ideas about women and 'being gangsta' he has stuck in his head. And she'll get there too. For his sake and that of her sensibilities. YOU JUST WAIT.

Connell : Another sweet nice boy who makes Umi's big sister instincts go wild. He's not only been completely supportive, helpful and all in all a wonderful friend to her since he arrived in The City. Connell has also befriended Hikaru and Umi knows he is quite close to Syaoran. That makes him an even closer friend in her book. She's intrigued by his ability to listen to other people's hearts and wishes to learn more about his world, while being there for him through the weirdness of The City when he needs her.

Guy Cecil : Hikaru's former big brother figure and so automatically a good friend by default. Even if Umi finds Guy a little weird she considers him a great person and an even better friend to count on. She's very happy to have found yet another splendid sparring partner and hopes to take back those days now that he finds himself stuck in The City anew.

Riou : Ever since they met during The City's horrible plague that contaminated the water, Umi's known she can count on Riou's support and friendship. He's always someone she enjoys chatting with, and considers him a tad innocent, even if she's lately learned from Connell that not only is he a Lord but leads his own army along with his friends. She wishes to get to know him better and return the favor, if ever her finds himself in need of a helping hand during curse days.

Meredy : Her cute and childish ways may not make it seems so, but Umi has learned Meredy is quite a mature girls and an excellent listener and adviser, when thing in The City get a bit worse than the usual bad. Her healing abilities and compassion remind Umi of Fuu quite a lot. She knows the other girl lost her memories once, and Umi relates this to the way she felt during the time a trade made her lose most memories of her childhood.

November 11 : Aka. Jack Simon. Aka. that weird secret agent-type guy who cracks those jokes that always leave her wondering. Umi frankly doesn't know what to make of Jack. A part of her is starting to realize how dangerous he can potentially be, while the other is gradually beginning to like him. He's a conundrum, and Umi isn't quite sure that striking a bargain to slay The City's latest freaky monster together was her best decision. Still, she feels they're in that together and will try to be helpful to him while being careful at the same time.

Hazama : WHO IS THIS GUY. So he's supposedly compiling a guide to help everyone understand The City better. Still, the way her talks and his general behavior make Umi consider him more than a few shades of creepy. Not to mention weird. She's all for talking to him and helping him in this noble endeavor provided that it stays noble, but deep inside she senses some creeper streak may surface at any time. Better be a pinch wary.

Itachi Uchiha : Sasuke's dead older brother and the reason for Sasuke's unstoppable thirst for revenge. Umi nearly panicked when he arrived in The City, thinking it's drive Sasuke to violent extents. After things have been explained to her Umi's developed a deep liking and sympathy for Itachi, comparable to the one she feels for Sasuke. She does her best not to pry or interfere in the brothers' affairs, but she feels she's become as close to them to make it nearly impossible.

Naruto Uzumaki : Ramen Guy. No, Naruto may never get rid of that nickname. Umi may someday get around to repaying that ramen dinner she owes him for saving her life that once. SOMEDAY. Right now she spends too much time yelling at him to get that done. She feels she can't help caring for the big dork despite his personality sometimes drives her up the wall with facepalm-ness. All in all, Naruto is a good guy. And someone who's determined to keep being Sasuke's friend and standing there for him despite constant rejections. Umi may never outright tell Naruto but she admires him for that loyalty quite a lot.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi : Amu's mysterious not!boyfriend who sometimes makes Umi wonder whether he's teasing her, she's teasing him, or both a teasing each other subtly. He's obviously nice and, in Umi's book, nurturing a gigantic crush on Amu that the watergirl wishes was mutual. They make a cute couple. Much as her stating this repeatedly only distresses Amu and amuses Ikuto.

Road Camelot : Road and Umi met during the Highschool Curse, when they joined forces for pulling all sorts of mischief together. Ever since then Umi's had an great affinity with Road. She trusts the girl and considers her a friend. Even if Konata has warned her about Road's nature Umi has decided to believe in her and make her own experience. Road was also Umi's guide through the Underground, where she started to see aspects of Road she hadn't noticed before. After learning about her family's conflict with the exorcists Umi has decided to step aside and remain neutral to the matter though she suspects Road has a darker side.

Hiyori Tamura : Another of Umi's more "normal" acquaintances. At least in Umi's book. There's that little matter of Shiki breaking the news to her that Hiyori's hobby is to draw ecchi doujinshi, but Umi isn't sure whether to believe this or not yet. Hiyori is Konata's friend too, and that already counts as a lot to Umi. The girl also helped her see herself through a very embarrassing curse, something for which Umi's infinitely grateful.

Caspian : Caspian and Umi met during the humiliating tabloid curse, which published pictures of our blue-haired heroine in a less than dignified position aka. with Mokona up her skirt. The young man was quite kind to her and they've kept talking to each other ever since, to the point Caspian even offered to help improve Umi's sucky riding skills.

Gabriel Sylar : Umi met Sylar by The Clock, where he explained he may know a means to alter its mechanism to escape The City. Umi was impressed both by Sylar's knowledge and his abilities and vowed to help him find a way to weaken the barrier. At first Umi was reluctant to trust Sylar entirely, but his kindness to her have made her feelings warm up into friendship. She believes in his intentions to take back past mistakes despite Mokona's warnings.

d e p a r t e d

Ascot : Ascot's presence in The City was a bit bittersweet for the Water Knight: Umi loves him as one of her dearest friends from Cephiro and was delighted to be with him again, though at the same time she worried about him due to the horrible things the place is known for bringing. Happiness was stronger, as she trusted Ascot's heart had grown enough for him to defend himself. She was ready to give her all to look after him too: she's very protective of him. Now he's gone Umi is determined to bring up the subject of their feelings for each other whenever she sees him again.

Ferio : Despite Umi didn't ever get to talk a lot with Cephiro's Prince during her time fighting for his country, the Knight of Water always felt an affinity with him due to his closeness with Fuu. When he arrived in The City, Umi felt a great deal of happiness for Fuu's and Ferio's sake. She promised herself she wouldn't let anything come in the way of the couple. Once he left and Fuu was left passingly heartbroken Umi's hatred of The City's way to separate people in love only grew, even if she knows her best friend and the Prince are bound to return to each other.

Mokona : When once Mokona irritated the heck out of Umi's short temper because of his cryptic cuteness, after the tiny god revealed himself as The Creator and assumed a more solid role as the Knights' guardian and guide in The City Umi came to see him as a source of wisdom and support. She used to get along with him much better and knew she could turn to him if she needed advise, almost like a father figure.

Lady Aska : Even if Aska once put magical strings around Umi and used her as a marionette to attack Hikaru and Fuu, neither of them held resentment for their past enmity when they were in The City together. Umi wanted to protect Aska from the curses and several dangers of The City as much as she wanted to look after Hikaru, Fuu and their friends. She and Fanhren's first Princess shared a spoiled brat streak that helped them relate, even if both are reformed cases.

Louise Halevy : Umi offered Louise to share the MKR apartment with them when she learned the girl had no roommates to crash with and those acquaintances from her world were all boys. Since then Umi discovered they had a lot in common, even a bratty streak she never spotted in Louise. Ever since Umi learned about the harsh future that awaited Louise home she decided to be as good a friend to the other girl as she could and make her time in The City as pleasant as possible. She fears she didn't do enough for her friend before she left.

Raenef V : Almost as it was with Kobato, Umi was drawn to Raenef's innocence from the start: it sent her big sister instincts wild when she met him. Ever since they shared an apartment she grew even fonder of the boy, to the point she considered him a little brother figure of sorts (nevermind he's probably older). His being trained to become a Demon Lord sometimes freaked her out, but Umi's previous relationship with Akiha made the Water Knight quite accepting of the idea demons can be perfectly civil and the best of friends.

Shin Mouri : Soul mate. Umi never thought she'd meet someone as deeply connected to the water element as she, but after meeting Shin during the prison curse she was proven otherwise. Umi was very excited about Shin's powers and wished to befriend him again after The City erased the memories of his previous stay. He was very kind and supportive to her while she was blind, so this convinced her Shin was a caring and reliable person. She didn't hesitate to ask him to share the apartment when he was in need of new rooming.

Kobato Hanato : It was impossible for Umi not to feel fond of Kobato in her usual big sister way: the other girl reminded her a bit of Hikaru's innocent self and her pure-hearted nature made Umi automatically want to protect her. She felt responsible for Kobato as she did for her every roommate, but Kobato's naivete had Umi particularly worried. Likewise she subtly admired Kobato's good nature. Once she returned to The City in times of peril Umi's resolve to look after her was stronger than ever before.

Konata Izumi : Probably Umi's best friend in The City. Konata was someone Umi knew she could rely on for both advise and spending a good time. The older blue-haired girl did all sorts of things for Umi: from introducing her to the wonders of 4th wall breakage and video games to organizing a small army for rescuing her when she was in trouble. Even if they argued over Umi's recklessness the Water Knight felt at ease with how her all-knowing otaku friend was aware of almost everything that goes on in most alternate universes. She cherished Konata's friendship a lot.

Rin Asano : Rin was the first person Umi ever talked to upon arriving in The City. She became one of Umi's best friends and someone Umi knew she could rely on for anything: from teaming up to rebel against the deities' cruelty to cheering each other up or even save each other during curses. Rin was one of the persons in The City that Umi trusted the most.

Sestuna Mudou : One of Umi's best buddies all around, and a guy she clicked with so well from the very beginning. They had a lot in common: an attitude, a taste for sarcasm, a hatred for injustice and a troublemaker streak. Setsuna was always there for Umi during the time he stayed in The City, helping her out in times of trouble and outright saving her life a couple of times. He's one of the persons she misses the most, when she needs that someone to call her bluff or just be generally a tough girl with.

Kamui Shirou : Umi met Kamui just as the boy arrived in The City, pinged by the fact he was from Tokyo and got dragged from the middle of a battle. The Water Knight sympathized with him a lot after having talked to him about his reasons to fight. Even if Kamui was too shy to accept lodging in their apartment Umi used to consider him an "unofficial roommate" of sorts, and wanted to help him socialize so that the Clock's ticking wouldn't bother him.

Utena Tenjou : Utena was Umi's fencing budding and all in all a kindred spirit, even if Umi didn't get to understand the other girl's motivations entirely (becoming a Prince??). They were working on organizing a fencing club together for all the potential "duelists" in The City, a task that Umi may accomplish on her own despite Utena is no longer around.

Shiki Tohno : Though she liked him, Umi wasn't sure what to feel about Shiki's constant sarcasm. It annoyed the hell out of her but she still saw Shiki's good intentions beyond it. She enjoyed their battles of wits but could be easily angered at them. However, she did consider Shiki a friend. This had a lot to do with Akiha, too. Umi thought much higher of Shiki since she learned about how he traded his glasses for Akiha's humanity and related to him a little despite herself.

Akiha Tohno : In a way Umi couldn't help but think she had a lot in common with Akiha, even if the older girl did intimidate her at first. Umi looked up to Akiha a little, especially when it came to Akiha's understanding of The City and her overall sound judgment. She never forgot they met in the worst way possible, so she always felt slightly guilty because of this and did he best to be there for Akiha whenever the stoic girl allowed her. Umi honestly cared about Ahika and considered her one of her closest friends by the time the girl left The City. This impression didn't change after Umi learned of Akiha's demon blood.

Omi TsukiyonoMamoru Takatori : Ever since Omi returned to The City as Mamoru Takatori Umi had difficulties to accept the Omi she knew was gone. It put her off to see her friend act so coldly, distant and professional as this new Omi seemed, and it hurt her to think how much this distanced him from Ken. She slowly tried to come to terms with Mamoru (or as much of him as she could). Her affection for Omi/Mamoru never diminished. She still considered him family when he was around, and always will, even if sometimes she felt he'd become another person altogether.

Rika Furude : Umi was fond of Rika since before she met the little girl, through what Hikaru told her about her. When Rika returned to The City with her memories erased Umi had the chance to befriend her for the first time, unlike Rika's other acquaintances who remembered her. It was impossible for Umi not to be overprotective of the little girl, though she sensed there's more to her than meets the eye. Umi felt relieved when Rika left The City, thinking her friend will be safer away from it, even though she misses her a lot.

Fai : Umi was deeply fond of little Fai and had sworn to protect him from any dangers together with Doumeki. Shortly after Fai's twin left The City Umi learned from Yuuko that something tragic awaited the twins back home. A time later Fai followed, making Umi feel the loss deeper, considering what she knows of their fate. She cherishes the sweet pea plant he left her very dearly.

Lockon Stratos : Another person Umi met during her Underground trip. This one ended up for the better. Lockon didn't only give Umi healthy advise about her solo endeavors, but also lead the rescue party Konata organized for freeing her from Mayuri's clutches. Umi felt indebted to Lockon and considered him a wise and reliable figure to look up to. She considers meeting him one of the few good aspects of The City. She cared about him a lot and saw him as a sort of surrogate father, though she also worried about her relationship with his brother being difficult. She's exceedingly grateful she had the chance to say goodbye to him.

Li Syaoran : Despite she never learned to call him by his proper family name Umi was rather fond of this littler version of the Syaoran she works with at both Bridge of Birds and the Koneko. She considered him too serious and quiet for his age, as well as slightly bookwormish, but admired his dedication to researching a way to leave The City. Umi felt both had that thing in common and could help each other.

Alice : After being dumped back in The City straight Underground, Alice gave Umi a hand with fighting off the creepy critters that attacked her there. Even if their temper collided like no tomorrow Umi grew really fond of the other girl. They shared a competitive streak and a no-nonsense attitude. Umi never truly understood what being a Chain meant, but was determined to make Alice realize she's her own person instead of just a weapon, and make her time in The City as pleasant as possible.

Kimihiro Watanuki : Umi felt very close to Watanuki. Having him back in The City after he left made her feel a bit more at home, all due to her affinity for the guy. She had a good friend in him and was determined to stand by him all through the place's awful curses. It was almost as if he'd never left, as they quickly rebuilt the friendship he forgot about when The City brought him in again.

Shizuka Doumeki : Umi knew Doumeki was a close friend of Hikaru's and as such, he was a friend of hers. She trained with the two of them from time to time, and was usually dragged along into watching Disney movies with Doumeki's roommates. There was a bond of mutual trust between them that grew since the Mayuri Incident made them aware of the need to protect Fai, Kimihiro and Umi's friends from the psycho. Umi knew Doumeki was very important to Hikaru and that he was there for her friend during her time alone in The City.

Fai D. Flowright : Syaoran's mysterious mother figure, and a guy Umi certainly liked, even if she wished she could understand him better. Fai seemed a very caring and affable person, and the Water Knight knew through him that both he and Kurogane used to be in close friendship terms with Hikaru when they were in The City before. Umi came to care about Fai through Syaoran, even if she couldn't help but consider him a tad weird.

Kurogane : Strong swordsman with a badass attitude equaled a very cool person in Umi's book. Kurogane not only met these requirements but had also a history of friendship with Hikaru and a father figure relationship with Syaoran to add to his good points. Umi liked him and felt an odd instinctive respect for him, even if she came to know something about him bothered Hikaru and felt quite troubled because of it in the days before the ninja left.

Yuuki Kurosu : Umi and Yuuki had only talked a couple of times, but Umi was rather fond of the older girl and sensed something serious was worrying her. After the nightmare curse Umi gave Yuuki a vial of Clef's potion to help keep her awake without question, but this still made the Knight of Water wonder. She learned that Yuuki was also interested in rebelling against the deities and trusted the girl would also be a good ally when time came to act. Yuuki's departure left her with a bit of an unfinished business to attend.

Tieria Erde : Tieria's stoicism intimidated her quite a lot, but through Lockon's kind regard toward him and their interaction Umi came to consider Tieria a friendly acquaintance of sorts. She saw a bit of Fuu in him despite herself, mostly due to how he seemed to the brain of Lockon's crew. Umi wished to prove herself reliable in his eyes, which she never felt she fully attained before he left.

Setsuna F. Seiei : Another person she knew mostly through Lockon. Her father figure's "best friend", at least in Umi's book, and despite Lockon would disagree with it. Umi admired Setsuna's will to fight for a better future, even if she feared that this fight was getting the better of him and thus keeping him from enjoying a calmer, happier life. She wished she could have helped Lockon with making Setsuna a bit more open.

Misao Makimachi : Umi liked her spirit. Any girl who talks about kicking guys' asses when those guys act like jerks deserves a gold star in Umi's book. Misao didn't have to do much to talk Umi into joining the battle to bring down the Major and ever since Umi considered her a friend.

Mat Cauthon : Mat and Umi shared a cell during the prison curse and, together with Shin, helped each other escape. That cemented their friendship in Umi' book. She already knew Mat from the few times she participated in his training. Umi used to find Mat's good luck amazing to an even freaky level, but enjoyed Mat's strong and reliable company, considering him a worthy friend and ally to count on.

Manji : CLASH. Of the worst sort. Umi used to think Manji crass, lacking in manners, rude and all in all obnoxious. Which meant she harbored a subtle liking for him. She understands he's genuinely loyal to Rin and not a bad person. Death seems a better option to admitting this, but Umi was curious of Manji's sword skills and somewhat envied him his 'toughness'. She felt sincerely sad when he left, and not only for Rin's sake.

Wakaba Shinohara : Wakaba's departure was a shock to Umi, not just because she learned of it right at the Hall of the Missing, searching for Fuu's portrait, but also because Umi feels they didn't have any time to know each other better. Umi had hoped to be better friends with Wakaba than The City allowed her to be, and resents how it stole her chance, but feels grateful her friend is now back home with Utena and Anthy.

Sakura Kinomoto : A returner friend of Hikaru who didn't actually remember Hikaru. That made Umi sad from the start, but she was happy regardless when she had the chance to befriend Sakura all over again. She happened to be Li Syaoran's own special person too, what gave her extra points in Umi's book. Sakura used to get big sister treatment just because she struck Umi in that fashion from the beginning.

Youko Nakajima : Umi considered Youko wise beyond her years and was a bit in awe of the girl's severity and maturity with some subjects they chatted about during curse days. She respected Youko's opinion on her decisions greatly and hoped to get to know the redhead better before she left.

Uta Yumeno : Another person who remindsed Umi of home because of her normality. She was still in the process of befriending the other girl when she left, but cared about her and worried about her romantic issues with Hiigari, knowing that in their world he'll fall for someone else. She considered Uta a friend and enjoyed joining forces with her for plotting mischief involving the Weiss team, as both cared about the three of them a lot.

Timothy Hearst : Even if she considered him loud, crass and quite obnoxious Umi had a kinda soft spot for Timothy. Hidden very deep down, under layers of Annoyed. She knew him to be Huey's friend and that he could be okay to chat with, and she sensed there was something deprived about him that could seriously use a buddy to stand bu him. Umi didn't know what to think. Then there was that thing about killing Road, which she certainly didn't approve of...

Free : Even though she considered him a big brute with no qualms about slaughtering people there was still something about the werewolf (also, eeeeew werewolf) that made Umi think he was a covert okay guy. He was easy to talk to and didn't sound nasty unless she brought up the tricky subjects. She couldn't quite bring herself to dislike him as much as she knew she should have.

Megumi Yamamura : Ever since she met this fellow water mage during the Geostigma outbreak Umi felt a special affinity and admiration for Megumi. The lady healer also helped her determine what exactly was happening to her that produced that memory blank during the time Timothy possessed her. She even helped Aya recover from terrible wounds when the redhead returned to The City after a swordfight. So Umi remained on Megumi's debt and felt unconsciously drawn to the motherly figure she represented.

Jun Hiigari : Jun was so much of a normal teenage guy that Umi couldn't help but like him as another of her few anchors to normality. They had only talked a few times but she still considered him a kind of friend and someone with whom she felt comfortable chatting about nothing in particular.

Ichiru Kiryuu : Ichiru was always a bit of a mystery to Umi: she never knew much about him other than what their occasional chats taught her. She still considered him a kind and agreeable person to talk to. He was always willing to help her during times such as her sudden memory loss and she felt grateful for this.

Enki (Rokuta) : After their little failed venture into the Deities' Office Umi considered Rokuta a valuable ally and someone she could rely on. She still didn't know him as well as she'd like, but she used to train with him under Shouryuu's instruction and knew him to be a good friend of Youko's. She always enjoyed talking to him about his world, though the fact he was a Kirin confused her a bit.

Boy Blue : Blue and Umi always talked to each other in friendly terms. He even offered Umi's sword-crazy heart an outlet for the fencing club she and Utena were putting together. This way Umi learned about Blue's club, The Blue Light. She became a bit of a regular there and even managed to get Hikaru and Fuu to visit it nightly.

Allelujah Haptism : One for the unfinished business list The City has made Umi keep. She made her best effort not to hate Allelujah after he killed Hikaru during the mecha battle the Knights fought against Celestial Being, telling herself it was all due to a curse. Right after she knew herself strong enough to forgive and forget, Allelujah left the place. Now Umi secretly hopes both her and Hikaru are given the chance to truly befriend Allelujah if he returns.

Negi Springfield : Working at the magic shop won't ever be the same without her original employer. Umi isn't sure when exactly Negi left, but even if she's happy he's back in his own world now, she knows she'll miss that way the magician had to make working at a place as unusual as Bridge of Birds an everyday affair. She can't help but seeing a lot of Clef in him.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi : Umi's former most hated foe. Mayuri kidnapped her during her trip Underground and experimented on her in ways Umi doesn't quite remember. She managed to escape by capitalizing anger into a great wave that flooded Mayuri's lab. Needless to say the mad scientist wasn't thrilled. Umi used to keep a close watch on Mayuri ever since and had sworn to defeat him, though was kept at bay by Konata's concern for her safety and a promise to Lockon. When the mad scientist left The City Umi felt relief, but also considerable frustration about not being able to pay him back for what he did to her and others.

Friar Carl : Umi met Carl while inquiring about a mysterious rift left by an earthquake. Ever since they explored the caves it hid together Umi felt a deep respect for Carl's intelligence and admired his scientific talents. She considered the Friar a friend she could trust despite she thinks he's a little shier than he should be. He was the eternal source of knowledge and advise and things are bound to be a little difficult on the research field without him.

C : It's the big sister complex at work! Umi felt responsible for C ever since the boy moved into the Knights' apartment. She was very protective of him and couldn't understand how can his world be as cruel as to imprison him because of his powers. Umi's bound to miss him and feel bad due to how his world didn't seem the best place to return to.

Taiga Aisaka : These two got started on the wrong foot when Taiga made her first words for Umi one of her trademark sarcastic remarks regarding Hikaru. Even if Umi came to realize this was how the other girl normally behaved around everyone she was still irked beyond words by Taiga's ways. The two girls didn't ever talk too much, so Umi never really got over her first negative impression.

Ryoga Hibiki : After he sought to defend her honor during the unfortunate affair with the picture of Mokona up her skirt, Umi was secretly fond Ryoga despite she knew he tended to overreact like the best at the smallest matters. Konata explained Ryoga's curse to her, and Umi thought it understandable for a guy in such a situation to have his... issues. They never became as close in friendship as Umi would have liked.

Shirley Fennet : Shirley and Umi had met during Umi's previous time at The City, of which she has no memories at all. Even so, something about Shirley seemed remotely familiar to her. Umi wanted to rebuild their friendship-in-progress from where she left it when she departed, and managed to do so to an extent before Shirley left for good. Umi learned a couple of things about Shirley's life that make Umi consider her a nice and forgiving person.

Clare : Umi only ever talked to Clare a couple of times, and sparred with her another few, but she felt drawn to the girl's silent and stoic ways and her skills with the sword. Clare rescued Umi from an Underground monster during a curse that made the water Knight forget everything about her own powers. This, in Umi's eyes, helped upgrade their status from cordial acquaintances to friends.

Millie de Witt : After chatting just a couple of times Umi was quick to like Millie a lot. She found the older girl to be a very solid, supportive and friendly figure. Umi learned a couple of new spells from the books Millie recommended and used to trust Millie's advise whenever it came to magic-related affairs, like her search of ways to leave The City.

Schuldig : Umi tried hard not to despise him to a murderous degree, but his constant harassment of her best friends made it hard. It was a huge relief when he left. He was the only person since Mayuri that Umi felt she'd draw a sword against if need be. Still, deep inside she felt the tiniest amount of sympathy for the fact he seemed disturbed and how he found it impossible to shut out people's thoughts. The creeper label stayed, and she hated how he invaded people's minds without their agreement.

Edward Elric : They never got to know each other as much as Umi would have liked, but she felt a strong affinity for Edward. Umi sensed their personalities had a lot in common and knew that their desire to understand The City's crazy ways made them related. She was genuinely impressed by Ed's research and rather interested in alchemy ever since they met during the hair monster incident.

Marron Glace : Umi met Marron during the last days of the Colorado Tick Fever plague that struck The City during June, and both shared their worries about friends who'd fallen sick and were recovering. Umi quickly befriended Marron due to how kind the Sorcerer Hunter had been to her. She admired the reason for which he and Gateau fight and felt curious about Marron's sword skills: he was the only person she knew in The City who can use both the blade and attack spells just like the Knights do.

Gateau Mocha : Umi knew of Gateau by word of Marron before she met him in person during a water wars curse. Needless to say fierce competition ensued. Umi has a general dislike of "beefy macho types", like she calls them, so she was always a little put off by Gateau's flamboyance and tendency to lose his clothes. However, she considered him a fun guy to be around and appreciates his devotion for Marron. She wishes to see them both again.

Shin : Even if she'd never admit she owns a motherly side, Umi'll gladly confess she felt a big sister affection for Shin ever since she met the cute little boy. They used see each other regularly at the Koneko and he even used his Leafe abilities to make a scarlet flower grow for Hikaru in his memorial garden, as well as an azure one for Umi herself later on. Umi was therefore bound to be her eternal overprotective self with Shin and spoil him rotten. She was brokenhearted when he left.

Kitty Pryde : Even if they only talked a couple of times Umi felt sincere admiration for Kitty's mature view of The City, friendship and team work in general. She was always able to help Umi with a word of advice when the Water Knight felt the need to clear her head up, and Umi deeply appreciated this. She wished to get to know the older girl better and do something worthy of repaying her kindness. There was something about Kitty that reminded Umi of an older Fuu, somewhat.

Nagi Naoe : Even though she knew him to be Schuldig's associate in Shwartz and an enemy of the Weiss team, Umi didn't know what to make of Nagi. Omi mentioned he was reasonable, and he still gave Umi any reason to consider him a threat. She considered him bitter but far more reachable than Schuldig and wondered if he was still redeemable as a person.

Chrono : Umi's former boss at the bakery and someone she wished she'd known better. Akiha and Shiki were both very fond of him, and Umi had the chance to confirm he was a nice and caring person. The fact that Chrono was a demon didn't really bother Umi, as since she learned about Akiha's own heritage she's grown to be quite open-minded about demonic types.

Eclipse : Urrrrrrrrh. Some people should learn how to go easy on others. Especially when it comes to Raenef and that Demon Lord training of his. Umi's and Eclipse's relationship looked bumpy from the start, mostly due to their differences of opinion and how the Water Knight's temper clashed terribly with Eclipse's view of humans. However, after sharing an apartment for a while Umi was able to see how deeply Eclipse cared for Raenef from a closer view, a sort of begrudging truce was struck. Umi may have even learned how to care about the grumpy demon for Raenef's sake. She might even miss him a bit.

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