April 12th, 2011

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---ill you GO AWAY already?? Uhm! Guys? [The sound of hurried footsteps almost swallows Umi's annoyed voice: she's evidently trying to outrun something.] ...Looks like I'll have to take a while longer to get home! I got NO IDEA where these bunch of weirdos came from, but one of them won't stop---! ...wait... [There's a pause.] I think I lost her...

Anyway! Who are these women?? This place's latest idea of an invasion? I swear I was just training Underground like I always do and she started--! [Another pause, this time followed by a started yelp, then a grunt.] ...AW BOY, NO. You got to be kidding me!

[An older woman's voice chimes through the recording.] There you are, dear! Allow me to repeat that no weapons are allowed in this peaceful City!

[Umi's voice sounds dangerously tense.] ...Give me a break, lady.

We are so lucky to live in such a quiet and pleasant place! So would you please refrain from incurring in such violent activit--?

---WHAT ARE YOU, Princess Tatra's long lost twin!?

[The woman just giggles.] I fear I will have to confiscate your weapon if you continue!

Aw, you try that. And see how it gets you a mean case of frostbite! Don't you weirdos have other people to harass on your list??

[Another giggle.] May I show you around our safe and friendly City?

[Only then Umi realizes she left the device on. She finishes the recording with a weary sigh.] ..."Late"? Make that LATER. Jeez, we were better off with the harpies...

[End Voice]

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