April 7th, 2011

[ ? ] curious → come to think of it...

- 140th tide | | outcome -

Looks like it's finally over. Sort of. I swear the quiet's going to feel weird for a while. But... I'm glad it's through. Makes you wonder what happens with this place now, huh? Even the ticking's gone.

It left us a pretty sight, no kidding. SOME WAY to make it up to us, jeez...

Anyway. The whole point of this message is... I know there are still some harpy-things out there to take care of. That's going to be my part time job for a while. To anyone who may need them, Bridge of Birds carries a really big variety of weapons, magical and not. Most were made by Presea -- it's far more HER thing than mine. But... I think lending them to people for self-defense might be a good idea.

...Say, there used to be free self-defense lessons in this place! After this whole mess? Maybe it's time we look into bringing those back.

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