April 1st, 2011

[magic] battle → unsheathing

- 139th tide | | steel -

[Accidental Video]

[The device starts recording as it hits the floor of an alley. The first thing it broadcasts is a shrill cry, together with fearful yells of several people. There's a blur of blue as Umi's shadow darts across the screen.] ---mmit, so many of them! Stay put, everybody! Almost done here! [Slashing at a random harpy with her rapier, she barely turns in time to conjure a blast of ice that sends another one trying to attack her from behind against a wall.] They can't keep coming forever!

[A harpy screams, readying its metal claws for an attack, but as it drops from the air a sudden torrent of green light engulfs its body. The creature falls harmlessly to the ground just in front of a small group of people.] Umi! [Eagle calls out, announcing his arrival.] There are more of them, some kind of-- ugh!

Wha-- ...EAGLE!! [Umi parries a slash as she notices the Commander's arrival. Then immediately runs to engage the harpy trying to make a prey out of him.] Watch out! They're EVERYWHERE...

Those people! If we can clear a way for them to get-- [Taking advantage of her distraction a harpy sweeps down to attempt to grab Umi from behind. A tactic rudely prevented as it slams soundly into a shield.] --inside!

[She gasps and goes stand back to back with Eagle.] Can you do that shield trick again? But larger?? To keep them out? Because if I make a big enough wave to send those creepers back they'll get the chance to run for cover...

Of course. [Not about to mention how difficult protecting both them and the people cowering from the harpies at the same time would be. He just smiles.] There is a doorway just over there... Can you drive the creatures in the opposite direction?

[Umi nods and concentrates, her icy aura gathering around her. A moment later she releases the wall of water onto the pack.] ...THERE!!

[And Eagle takes the chance to raise the requested shield, effectively preventing any straggling harpies from attacking the people until they're all safely inside.] Now we just have to---! [But, his words are cut off as a haggard cough draws his breath away. Umi's eyes go wide in understanding.]

---boy, not now...
Eagle! Hold on....! [She runs to help him and kicks the fallen device into a new angle, which readily shows the arrival of more harpies to the scene.] Damn, now we're in troubl--

[End Video]

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