March 23rd, 2011

[hmph] sigh → get it??

- 138th tide | | gardening -


...The whole thing with animals acting WEIRD wasn't enough for this place, huh? And that was a big one! [Umi appears a bit unkempt: her hair is mussed, scratches cross her cheeks.] My fish were going crazy. I swear Magellan was trying to use Celia's tail to climb his way out of the tank! But aw, NO: we ALWAYS have to go for overkill around here.

Now even the plants are acting up! [An angry sigh. She wipes sweat from her scratched brow with the back of her hand.] I had to hack my way out of my room through a JUNGLE OF ROSE BUSHES this morning! --Trust me, that hurt. Daisies are growing all over Fuu's old room. And I think I saw sunflowers peeping out of Hikaru's door, but not sure. There are others I can't identify, but I might've seen them before. In CEPHIRO. This is INSANE.

You know, I wouldn't put it past the deities to send us some sort of... flower-coded message or whatever. [She puts aside a prettily arranged bouquet as if to illustrate the following.] I've taken care of most of them here, but the garden's going to take a while.

Everybody be careful! If it's happening all over the City you could always come across some of the nasty ones. It'll take more than plucking to get rid of th---

[And just as she's finishing that warning one of these lovely creatures -- if much smaller -- shows up in the background of the garden. Umi rolls her eyes.] ...Jeez, you speak of the devil...

[A cold blue aura appears around her and the recording ends, the camera touched by frost.]

[End Video]

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