March 15th, 2011

[hmm] suspicion → refuse to believe it

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...Over. FINALLY. Jeez, you really don't know what it means to be cursed until you get hit by that opposite gender thing. Can't say it was totally useless, though: it was interesting to try and fence with that larger and heavier body...

But, anyway. Hope everyone's back to their right gender and age. With some luck nobody got their kid self in too much trouble. Just--

[Umi's voice sounds heavier than usual, even if it's her own again. A brush of static can be heard through the recording, as if caused by constant movement. Or is it something else?] ...This place. It won't give us a moment's BREAK, huh? [A little cough.] Not sure what's up with this thing, but it's NOT the way constructions should be. And I would know! My dad owns a real estate company!

It's not SOUND. Guys, I fear the worst. It feels... grainy! And the air around it is sorta thick too. Moist. If it's a water-related thing maybe I should have a look inside.

Eagle? I baked you something. But looks like it might have to wait a while. Unless you want to come get it before I check this out, I mean. It's far too close to your place for comfort...

[There's a click, and a rustle -- the device being shoved into a handbag, perhaps. Then the recording ends with one last muffled rant by your disgruntled Water Knight.] Gee, I swear it feels too much like this place's weirdo version of a sand castl---

[End Voice]

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