March 12th, 2011

[ ! ] curse → tide turner

- 136th tide | | changed -

[Accidental Voice]

---Y HAIR!! Dammit, NO! Just, no. No messing with THAT!! Anything but th---!

[Those aggravated cries come through a confusion of objects knocked down and a rapid rustle of fabric. It's obvious the device has started recording upon hitting the floor. Running footsteps follow soon.]

What did this place do now?? What sort of nasty, weirdo, HAIR-STEALING curse could-- ...ouch!! Gah...! Ow, ow, darn everything...!

[More clattering and shattering. An ominous silence.

...and then...]


[That high-pitched yell sounds strange coming from an obviously male voice. Not to mention the hissy fit that starts after it is also quite girly.]

No way! No-- Give me a break!! Why--! ...STUPID weirdo weekend! TWO STUPID YEARS stuck here and now, this happens?! Couldn't this place keep a clean sheet and NOT do this to me!?? Boy, I don't BELIEVE--!

...Dammit, will my clothes even f--??

[Angry footsteps trotting back to where the device lies, then a loud crack kills the recording.]

[End Voice]

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