March 1st, 2011

[smile] romantic → dreams come true

- 135th tide | | absence -

[Accidental Video]

[The image flickers on as the device is set down on a horizontal surface -- a bit nonchalantly, so it comes up blurry at first. It settles and we can see Umi, a clutter of things in her arms, wandering around a beautiful green room, looking busy.]

...Finished. I think that'll do. 'least for now.

[The Water Knight sighs as she sits down on the bed, her expression rather melancholy even if she's smiling.] You always like to keep tidy, orderly rooms, don't you. So, there you go...

[She opens her right hand to look down at a delicate green necklace she's been holding. Her smile grows fonder at that. After a while, she holds it against her chest and closes her eyes.]

It's going to be a really weird birthday without you, no kidding.

[Umi stands up, going over to where the device broadcasts on unnoticed. The recording ends as soon as she retrieves it.]

[End Video]

Collapse )