February 22nd, 2011

[;;;] smile → aw stop flattering me

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--s it on? Yeah?? ...No.

Gee, I thought I was already back in good terms with this thing!

[Switch to Video]

[Umi's face appears after a pink blur moves away from the camera -- probably her finger. Her smile is sheepish.] ...Okay, day one.

Hi! Umi's the name, and I know a bunch of you know me. Or have talked to me? Maybe seen me around before I--? ...Yeah. My point is... [She runs a hand through her hair nervously, the sound of waves almost swallowing her next words.] Sheesh, could this be any more AWKWARD??

...I don't remember a lot from before I left. But I'm catching up! Checking old Network entries, you know the drill. I just need a bit more time. I guess. And help.

So if I know you... Er. Can people tell me if I'm supposed to remember them? There's plenty to take in: looks like I own a magic shop here, used to be a florist, and suddenly I'm pretty decent at a swordmanship style I never-- ...Uh, anyway. [She takes a deep breath and waves a hand.] This is dumb. I promise I'm doing my best to remember!

[The image goes blurry as she fumbles with the device to end the recording.] ---AURRRRGH. This was the STUPIDEST idea I've ever---!!

[End Video]

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