November 2nd, 2010

[sad] battle → no more sacrifices

- 123rd tide | | survivors -

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Let me add another yay about October being through to the choir, can I? You know what they say happens after you hit rock bottom? Not sure if it works in this place, but BOY I hope it does.

For everyone who knew her... Hikaru's gone. I just checked the Hall. Better get the hard part done in one go, right? All I can say is I'm glad. That last month makes it easier, thinking she's out of here, back to her brothers, back HOME. The one thing I'm grateful for is that it wasn't so hard on her, this once.


When do the good things start happening, huh?

[Accidental Video]

[There's a blurry glimpse of Umi's tired expression as the camera sinks into a dark space -- she's distracted enough to not notice she activated the video feature when she intended to turn the device off before returning it to her bag.

The Water Knight breathes a heavy sigh as if letting go, burying her face in her hands and lingering in that position for a while. Then, combing back her fringe, she leans back on the park bench where she's sitting. She closes her eyes and simply stays there, weirdly peaceful face looking up to the sky.]

[End Video]

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