[;;;] ugh → this is too much

- 141st tide | | guides -


---ill you GO AWAY already?? Uhm! Guys? [The sound of hurried footsteps almost swallows Umi's annoyed voice: she's evidently trying to outrun something.] ...Looks like I'll have to take a while longer to get home! I got NO IDEA where these bunch of weirdos came from, but one of them won't stop---! ...wait... [There's a pause.] I think I lost her...

Anyway! Who are these women?? This place's latest idea of an invasion? I swear I was just training Underground like I always do and she started--! [Another pause, this time followed by a started yelp, then a grunt.] ...AW BOY, NO. You got to be kidding me!

[An older woman's voice chimes through the recording.] There you are, dear! Allow me to repeat that no weapons are allowed in this peaceful City!

[Umi's voice sounds dangerously tense.] ...Give me a break, lady.

We are so lucky to live in such a quiet and pleasant place! So would you please refrain from incurring in such violent activit--?

---WHAT ARE YOU, Princess Tatra's long lost twin!?

[The woman just giggles.] I fear I will have to confiscate your weapon if you continue!

Aw, you try that. And see how it gets you a mean case of frostbite! Don't you weirdos have other people to harass on your list??

[Another giggle.] May I show you around our safe and friendly City?

[Only then Umi realizes she left the device on. She finishes the recording with a weary sigh.] ..."Late"? Make that LATER. Jeez, we were better off with the harpies...

[End Voice]

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[ ? ] curious → come to think of it...

- 140th tide | | outcome -

Looks like it's finally over. Sort of. I swear the quiet's going to feel weird for a while. But... I'm glad it's through. Makes you wonder what happens with this place now, huh? Even the ticking's gone.

It left us a pretty sight, no kidding. SOME WAY to make it up to us, jeez...

Anyway. The whole point of this message is... I know there are still some harpy-things out there to take care of. That's going to be my part time job for a while. To anyone who may need them, Bridge of Birds carries a really big variety of weapons, magical and not. Most were made by Presea -- it's far more HER thing than mine. But... I think lending them to people for self-defense might be a good idea.

...Say, there used to be free self-defense lessons in this place! After this whole mess? Maybe it's time we look into bringing those back.

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[magic] battle → unsheathing

- 139th tide | | steel -

[Accidental Video]

[The device starts recording as it hits the floor of an alley. The first thing it broadcasts is a shrill cry, together with fearful yells of several people. There's a blur of blue as Umi's shadow darts across the screen.] ---mmit, so many of them! Stay put, everybody! Almost done here! [Slashing at a random harpy with her rapier, she barely turns in time to conjure a blast of ice that sends another one trying to attack her from behind against a wall.] They can't keep coming forever!

[A harpy screams, readying its metal claws for an attack, but as it drops from the air a sudden torrent of green light engulfs its body. The creature falls harmlessly to the ground just in front of a small group of people.] Umi! [Eagle calls out, announcing his arrival.] There are more of them, some kind of-- ugh!

Wha-- ...EAGLE!! [Umi parries a slash as she notices the Commander's arrival. Then immediately runs to engage the harpy trying to make a prey out of him.] Watch out! They're EVERYWHERE...

Those people! If we can clear a way for them to get-- [Taking advantage of her distraction a harpy sweeps down to attempt to grab Umi from behind. A tactic rudely prevented as it slams soundly into a shield.] --inside!

[She gasps and goes stand back to back with Eagle.] Can you do that shield trick again? But larger?? To keep them out? Because if I make a big enough wave to send those creepers back they'll get the chance to run for cover...

Of course. [Not about to mention how difficult protecting both them and the people cowering from the harpies at the same time would be. He just smiles.] There is a doorway just over there... Can you drive the creatures in the opposite direction?

[Umi nods and concentrates, her icy aura gathering around her. A moment later she releases the wall of water onto the pack.] ...THERE!!

[And Eagle takes the chance to raise the requested shield, effectively preventing any straggling harpies from attacking the people until they're all safely inside.] Now we just have to---! [But, his words are cut off as a haggard cough draws his breath away. Umi's eyes go wide in understanding.]

---boy, not now...
Eagle! Hold on....! [She runs to help him and kicks the fallen device into a new angle, which readily shows the arrival of more harpies to the scene.] Damn, now we're in troubl--

[End Video]

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[hmph] sigh → get it??

- 138th tide | | gardening -


...The whole thing with animals acting WEIRD wasn't enough for this place, huh? And that was a big one! [Umi appears a bit unkempt: her hair is mussed, scratches cross her cheeks.] My fish were going crazy. I swear Magellan was trying to use Celia's tail to climb his way out of the tank! But aw, NO: we ALWAYS have to go for overkill around here.

Now even the plants are acting up! [An angry sigh. She wipes sweat from her scratched brow with the back of her hand.] I had to hack my way out of my room through a JUNGLE OF ROSE BUSHES this morning! --Trust me, that hurt. Daisies are growing all over Fuu's old room. And I think I saw sunflowers peeping out of Hikaru's door, but not sure. There are others I can't identify, but I might've seen them before. In CEPHIRO. This is INSANE.

You know, I wouldn't put it past the deities to send us some sort of... flower-coded message or whatever. [She puts aside a prettily arranged bouquet as if to illustrate the following.] I've taken care of most of them here, but the garden's going to take a while.

Everybody be careful! If it's happening all over the City you could always come across some of the nasty ones. It'll take more than plucking to get rid of th---

[And just as she's finishing that warning one of these lovely creatures -- if much smaller -- shows up in the background of the garden. Umi rolls her eyes.] ...Jeez, you speak of the devil...

[A cold blue aura appears around her and the recording ends, the camera touched by frost.]

[End Video]

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[hmm] suspicion → refuse to believe it

- 137th tide | | babel -


...Over. FINALLY. Jeez, you really don't know what it means to be cursed until you get hit by that opposite gender thing. Can't say it was totally useless, though: it was interesting to try and fence with that larger and heavier body...

But, anyway. Hope everyone's back to their right gender and age. With some luck nobody got their kid self in too much trouble. Just--

[Umi's voice sounds heavier than usual, even if it's her own again. A brush of static can be heard through the recording, as if caused by constant movement. Or is it something else?] ...This place. It won't give us a moment's BREAK, huh? [A little cough.] Not sure what's up with this thing, but it's NOT the way constructions should be. And I would know! My dad owns a real estate company!

It's not SOUND. Guys, I fear the worst. It feels... grainy! And the air around it is sorta thick too. Moist. If it's a water-related thing maybe I should have a look inside.

Eagle? I baked you something. But looks like it might have to wait a while. Unless you want to come get it before I check this out, I mean. It's far too close to your place for comfort...

[There's a click, and a rustle -- the device being shoved into a handbag, perhaps. Then the recording ends with one last muffled rant by your disgruntled Water Knight.] Gee, I swear it feels too much like this place's weirdo version of a sand castl---

[End Voice]

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[ ! ] curse → tide turner

- 136th tide | | changed -

[Accidental Voice]

---Y HAIR!! Dammit, NO! Just, no. No messing with THAT!! Anything but th---!

[Those aggravated cries come through a confusion of objects knocked down and a rapid rustle of fabric. It's obvious the device has started recording upon hitting the floor. Running footsteps follow soon.]

What did this place do now?? What sort of nasty, weirdo, HAIR-STEALING curse could-- ...ouch!! Gah...! Ow, ow, darn everything...!

[More clattering and shattering. An ominous silence.

...and then...]


[That high-pitched yell sounds strange coming from an obviously male voice. Not to mention the hissy fit that starts after it is also quite girly.]

No way! No-- Give me a break!! Why--! ...STUPID weirdo weekend! TWO STUPID YEARS stuck here and now, this happens?! Couldn't this place keep a clean sheet and NOT do this to me!?? Boy, I don't BELIEVE--!

...Dammit, will my clothes even f--??

[Angry footsteps trotting back to where the device lies, then a loud crack kills the recording.]

[End Voice]

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[smile] romantic → dreams come true

- 135th tide | | absence -

[Accidental Video]

[The image flickers on as the device is set down on a horizontal surface -- a bit nonchalantly, so it comes up blurry at first. It settles and we can see Umi, a clutter of things in her arms, wandering around a beautiful green room, looking busy.]

...Finished. I think that'll do. 'least for now.

[The Water Knight sighs as she sits down on the bed, her expression rather melancholy even if she's smiling.] You always like to keep tidy, orderly rooms, don't you. So, there you go...

[She opens her right hand to look down at a delicate green necklace she's been holding. Her smile grows fonder at that. After a while, she holds it against her chest and closes her eyes.]

It's going to be a really weird birthday without you, no kidding.

[Umi stands up, going over to where the device broadcasts on unnoticed. The recording ends as soon as she retrieves it.]

[End Video]

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[;;;] smile → aw stop flattering me

- 134th tide | | recalled -


--s it on? Yeah?? ...No.

Gee, I thought I was already back in good terms with this thing!

[Switch to Video]

[Umi's face appears after a pink blur moves away from the camera -- probably her finger. Her smile is sheepish.] ...Okay, day one.

Hi! Umi's the name, and I know a bunch of you know me. Or have talked to me? Maybe seen me around before I--? ...Yeah. My point is... [She runs a hand through her hair nervously, the sound of waves almost swallowing her next words.] Sheesh, could this be any more AWKWARD??

...I don't remember a lot from before I left. But I'm catching up! Checking old Network entries, you know the drill. I just need a bit more time. I guess. And help.

So if I know you... Er. Can people tell me if I'm supposed to remember them? There's plenty to take in: looks like I own a magic shop here, used to be a florist, and suddenly I'm pretty decent at a swordmanship style I never-- ...Uh, anyway. [She takes a deep breath and waves a hand.] This is dumb. I promise I'm doing my best to remember!

[The image goes blurry as she fumbles with the device to end the recording.] ---AURRRRGH. This was the STUPIDEST idea I've ever---!!

[End Video]

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[fury] shout → see my point!!?

- 133rd tide | | forgotten -

[Accidental Voice]

---re as heck's not the STUPID airport. Okay. I give in! Directions... [Umi's annoyed voice can be heard past a layer of foosteps and another sound: maybe small wheels rolling onto pavement? This comes to a stop with a huff.] Now, who in the world should I--? ...Hey! Excuse me! Can YOU tell me the fastest way to--?

Jeez. Listen here already! [The sound of muffled voices fades in the background as the passersby all but ignore her question.] I'm talking to you! I'm supposed to catch a plane! Boy, is it too much of a bother to-?!

...Awk! FORGET IT! I'm done here. I'm calling a cab! [A rustle of static as she fumbles with her bag.] IF I can find one in the middle of this weirdo pl--! ...huh?

[Accidental Switch to Video]

This thing...? [A confused face peers right into the camera. Umi's dressed casually, carrying a travel bag and dragging a suitcase along.] How did it...?

No, but... [She frowns, her face growing serious.] It's mine. I think... This place... [The recording's angle becomes awkward as she gazes around.] I've--


[End Video]

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